High School

Elementary Overview

Feeling... Knowing... Doing

Who: For students in kindergarten to grade seven!

Where: On beautiful Saturna Island!

When: Year-round; from day trips to 3 night/4 day eco-immersions!

What: SEEC to discover where we are and who we are in the world-wide web of life!


We are all connected to each other and everything in the world around us. Come feel, explore and strengthen those connections through hands-on/minds-on, nature-immersion learning adventures on beautiful Saturna Island.

Featuring active games, naturalistic exploration, artistic endeavors, and a little magical mystery, our enthusiastic and knowledgeable "environmentors" will guide you through unique and engaging ecological learning experiences.

SEEC activities integrate science, physical education, language arts, social studies and fine arts.

While strengthening your own community of learners through thought-provoking group building activities, our program explores structures and interconnections in the natural and human world. SEEC's programs demonstrate our place within the true world-wide web of life.

Your students will work, learn, laugh and live together in a stimulating environment of critical thinking, fun and cooperative teamwork.

You will come away with new ideas, fresh perspectives and a stronger sense of your group's character, identity and potential.

When To Come?

Whatever the season, there's a reason...
There's always something interesting happening on Saturna Island...

FALL: A wonderful time for class-building! Discover how much more cooperative and positive your learning community can be all year long by starting your time together with a SEEC Eco-Adventure!

WINTER: Escape the winter "blahs" and explore the dynamic balance between wild weather and the natural world's dormant slumber. Braving the elements and challenging your comfort level truly allow you to appreciate the warmth and beauty of a crackling fire and close community.

EARLY SPRING: The natural world comes alive and Saturna is new again! The wonder of newborn lambs, budding blossoms, and awakening to birdsong will inspire our explorations of rushing streams and evening frog symphonies.

LATE SPRING: Celebrate your year together with a SEEC adventure in the warm weather of May or June. Pick berries, wade in the ocean, and enjoy fun in the sun while exploring the natural world in its greatest vibrancy.