We at the Saturna Ecological Education Centre (SEEC) believe that the path to a healthier future begins with three simple words:


  • connected and in tune with the natural world
  • wonder and joy in nature
  • the inspiration and passion of the earth's life forces
  • reverence and responsibilty for all that surrounds us
  • confidence and hope for what we can accomplish as caring and creative people.


  • ourselves and what is important to who we are
  • how to be aware and use all of our senses
  • the earth and its ecological principles
  • how to think and to solve real problems
  • what we can do to make the world a healthier place.


  • hands-on, minds-on nature-immersion learning activities
  • authentic tasks that demonstrate responsible community residency
  • fun and exciting activities that fill us with hope and positive energy
  • what is important and relevant to where and who we are
  • what we say we believe.


Every SEEC activity blends the powers of feeling, knowing and doing. We believe that the purposeful interconnection of all three of these levels of being is essential to effective ecological education.

Feeling is more powerful when we understand our world and do something about how we feel.

Knowing is more powerful when we care and act upon what we understand.

Doing is more powerful when we are emotionally connected to our actions and we understand the consequences of our decisions and lifestyle choices.

Creating Powerful Experiences

We encourage our learners to...

Sense: blindfold activities, night explorations, sound mapping, fragrant forests

Reflect: journaling, solo time, planned solitude, guided imagery

Explore: ocean wade, micro-trails, orienteering, treasure hunts

Play: cooperative games, role playing adventures, inventing new games

Create: nature crafts, found music, group banners, sensational skits!

Problem solve: group challenges, magical mysteries, critical challenges

Contribute: camp-out cooking, residency tasks, community service

Trust: safe solo adventures, night walks, group trust building

Cooperate: movement challenges, shared successes, group structures

Wonder: magical mysteries, pretending, role playing. personal firsts

Share: storytelling, sharing individual knowledge, offering ideas

Learn: from everything we do!

Making it Happen

At SEEC, we believe that we live in a time of ecological opportunity.

Never before have human beings been so knowledgeable, aware and concerned about the impact of their lifestyles upon the natural world. Never before have we possessed the depth of technology and skills we can use to reduce our ecological footprint and ensure a healthy environment for future generations. Never before has immediate positive action been so crucial.

We believe that we have a choice. We can either immerse ourselves in an ecological nightmare of climate change, environmental degradation, species extinction and hopeless ecophobia or we can take action and realize our full power for positive change.