Wish List: Funding Priorities

SEEC is at the exciting start-up phase. This means that we still need plenty of funding assistance and donations for equipment and services. SEEC has a volunteer fund-raising committee working on these priorites. If you can help, or know someone who can, send us an email. We'd be grateful for any assistance!

  1. Van :
    • 16 seatbelts (regular ferry rates!)
    • Alternative power source if possible or diesel (could be converted to bio-diesel)
    • Roof rack for extra carrying capacity
  2. SEEC Community Support Person: part-time island person to assist with all aspects of SEEC program as needed, especially when visitors arrive.
  3. Facilities:
    • Cabins: Need materials for 4 cabins, each sleeping 8-10. We have volunteers who will design and high school program can construct!
    • Water Catchment Tanks: to support garden.
    • Picnic tables: 4 or 5 suitable for seating 8
    • Mural: paint and supplies for creation of SEEC mural.
  4. Learning Resources:
    • Outdoor Challenge Equipment: low climbing wall, group challenge equipment, spider web, ropes course.
    • Orienteering Set: with flags, 30 compasses, punches etc.
  5. Residential Resources:
    • Sleeping Mats: 30-35 mats suitable for use on floors and wooden bunk beds
    • Camp Stoves: 4 – 5 Coleman 2 burner
    • Rain Gear: Sets of rain gear for all-weather explorations!