Setting: An Island Natural Wonder

Saturna Island, thirty-one square kilometres, is located in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC. Tucked away at the southern end of the Gulf Island chain, Saturna takes a little more effort to visit than the other islands, and, with a small population, has retained a wild, natural island environment.

An island of forests, streams, wetlands, mudflats, rock bluffs, reefs and beaches, Saturna makes the perfect home for SEEC.

Saturna Island is fringed with evergreen forests of sword fern, Douglas fir, western red cedar and salal. Quiet roadsides and tangled hedgerows are home to juicy blackberries, noisy towhees and splashes of wildflower.

Gulf Island deer and a diverse array of birds including jays, finches, crossbills, juncos, nuthatches, chickadees, thrushes, flickers, woodpeckers, hummingbirds and blackbirds are frequent visitors at our SEEC site. Bald eagles, ravens and turkey vultures soar overhead, while kingfishers rattle by on their way to the ocean.

For more about Saturna: http://www.saturnatourism.com