School: The Little School that Could

Saturna Elementary School is a well-equipped, two-room public school nestled in the Lyall Creek Valley on Saturna Island, British Columbia.

Our beautiful and spacious two-acre site is within easy walking distance of the ocean at Sunset Beach, the forests of Gulf Islands National Park, sparkling Lyall Creek, and the island's General Store, café, recycling centre, free store, health clinic and recreation centre.

Our school is known as "the little school that could" because whenever the number of students drops too low, the community rallies to keep it open.

One year a local goat named Millie signed up to keep the enrolment numbers up. Millie prefered to eat her homework rather than do it.

Another time, CBC radio ran a contest to find single mothers to match with Saturna bachelors to bring children to the island and to the school. SEEC is another wonderful and exciting way to bring new learners to "the Little School that Could!"