Community: Small is Beautiful

About three hundred people live on Saturna Island year-round. On the weekends, and in the summer, other temporary residents and visitors enjoy the island. Our small numbers mean that many of the Island's important services are run by volunteers: the ambulance, the firefighters, the recreation centre, the community club and others. We all know each other and look after each other.

In SEEC, the natural and human communities of Saturna Island are our "classroom" and the Island people are our teachers.

Our learners are responsible and valued members of the community because they respectfully explore, seek to understand, and contribute to the wellbeing of the natural and cultural world.

"Community Connections Independent Directed Studies" is an important locally developed course that integrates the learner within the community through unique co-planned educational experiences.

For more information about the Saturna Island community: http://www.saturnacan.net